100% Hand Carved By Local Artisans

Balinese Wood Carving Tradition

Balinese wood carving is an ancient craft passed down through generations. Skilled artisans undergo years of training to create beautiful designs that reflect the spirituality and beauty of their culture.

Each piece is carefully carved by hand with great attention to detail. These artworks are not only stunning but also meaningful as they preserve a rich cultural heritage that inspires people worldwide.

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The Kulture Quality

Kulture Home Decor specialize in custom exotic home decor for homes, hotels, boutiques, and more.

Being physically located in Bali and speaking the local language, we are able to provide top-notch quality control and price negotiation with local artisans specialized in tropical home decor. We guarantee optimum standards of production thanks to our strong relationship with our craftsmen and thorough processes from order-taking to delivery.

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4.8/5 stars

Verified Review From Customers

- Agnes M

Decorative Panel 'Sakura' - Antic Wash

It was my first buy, and I was impressed with the quality of the product, as well as the professional and efficient service provided by Charles & Esi. I won't hesitate to buy again and recommend to my friends!

- Sushmita M

Decorative Panel 'Sumatra' - White Wash

Absolutely in love this wall decor! It elevates the beauty of the room and adds a touch of warmth every time I see it! Thank you Kulture team and the immensely talented craftsmen for the amazing work you do!

- Caroline R.

Carved Bed Headboard 'Manusa' - Antic Wash

Very intricate craftsmanship and nice finish. The colour of the bed headboard really pops on my wall. A magnificent piece of art that's affordable. Thank you Charles & Esi for providing such great home decor!


Custom Made Room Divider

I absolutely love my custom hand-carved room divider from Kulture! The team was amazing in helping me find the perfect design and size for my space. The final product exceeded my expectations, and it has become a stunning centerpiece in my home.

- Esperansa Matos

Carved Bed Headboard 'Berawa' - Antic Wash

This item has become my favourite piece of home decor ever. It is so aesthetically pleasing that it ties my room together seamlessly. In fact, I am so pleased with this piece that I jokingly wish I had more beds to put it on!

- Fahrani Dyah

Hand Carved Mirror "Agung" in antic wash - 180 cm

My experience purchasing the mirror was smooth sailing right from the start! Friendly & prompt assistance rendered via the chat assistance.I managed to get the information & queries addressed almost immediately!

- Jessica S

Hand Carved Mirror "Uluwatu" - Antic-wash - 180 cm

Great experience! Installation services would have been nice, but Esi was helpful, and the patient delivery guy waited for me. The mirror is beautiful. Can't wait for the decor panel and my home would be perfect!

Tips given back directly to our Craftsmen

Support to Artisans

Our craftswomen play a crucial part in the making of tropical home decor here in Bali. They are usually in charge of finishing and painting, while wood cutting and carving, which require heavier physical efforts, are the responsability of the men.

Kulture Home Decor regularly pay tributes to the hard-working women who help make our products beautiful by applying paint and wash effects by hand, as the last step of the manufacturing process.

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